Red Cardigan Birthday!

My birthday is tomorrow! I am getting this lovely Victoria Secret cardigan in red.Yes, I am going to admit it, I love certain name brands, and Victoria Secret is one of them.

It will be my first cashmere cardigan! I know it isn’t completely cashmere, since it is mixed with silk, I just loved the simple classic style. One major reason I chose this cardigan, is because it will be great for layering. I only own two cardigans, one is my gray one, the other is wool, and I can only wear it in the winter.

I also decided to get this cute Tee with the sequin detailing. White Tees are one of my “Basic” items that I go back to all the time, I think this one will be just perfect to replace my old one I wore when I was pregnant, and unfortunately stretched.

Andrew spoils me. He also bought me a video camera which I am waiting for in the mail! Now I can do makeup editorials and not sound like I have a lisp! Also, I can videotape Myles, something every mom obsesses over I think.

Lastly, I got a tripod! This is going to be so useful! No more camera’s falling in the dirt!


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  1. Wish you a Very Happy Birthday and many many more to come! :)

    That sweater would look great in red against your skin tone.

    In most Hindi movie they do not kiss but it is changing slowly but yes any form of public display of affection makes us a little uncomfortable to watch the movie with elders/parents etc. Just a cultural thing I guess :)

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