Challenge Complete!

30. I kind of like how you can see the dress under the gray shirt.

And the Grand Finale! Go ahead, Tell me your favorites and your least favorites!

My least favorites are 4. and 10.

My favorites well, I have many! 9. 13. 22. 27. Funny thing is all of these I did my makeup and hair in, excluding 22.

And I’m done! I’m excited to show you guys a beautiful dress I made!! I have been dying to wear it! It is plaid…


8 responses

  1. Yay for finishing!! I admire everyone who did this challenge. I think 22 is my favorite because you look like emma watson to me! I also love 6,8,12,18!!

    New follower and loving your blog. I dk if Walden is your last name (saw it on your email) but that was my mother’s maiden name!!

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