I know this is very unorthodox, but I went ahead and finished my outfit posts…but I didn’t actually wear these out. (Except for the first outfit.) I just want to be done with the challenge. I thought about these outfits for some time now and I will wear them eventually. Promise. But hey I looked pretty, right?

27. Yep. Sitting on a fooze ball table. 28. I was going to submit this in Elaine’s challenge, Your Rules Broken. But I didn’t get to it in time. The rule? All one color. I never wear all one color. In HS I use to wear all black, but I haven’t for years! I don’t think that I have ever worn all white! 29. I wanted to feel a little hard core. ie, the motorcycle jacket with the long dress? Does it work?


4 responses

  1. I love all 3 outfits. 27 looks so cosy and really well put together! I’m inspired to wear something similar.

    The all white looks really good on you. I don’t think I’ve ever worn all white (I’m a messy eater), but it’s actually a really good look.

    And your hair looks really good in the last 2 pictures.

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