Black and White Candy.

Have a little bit of candy!

24. haha, so I did a fb quiz on what my “stage name” would be and it was Candy. This post has nothing in relation to that. I just remembered and thought it was funny!

25. I went into American Eagle dressed up like this. I felt like I fit in well! lol Um, yeah. I have mixed feeling with that store.

I do love this shirt, but it fits me differently than it use to. Oh well.

26. Today’s outfit. THE CELEBRATING OUTFIT! Celebrating because I finished my paper. I think we are going to go get pizza and Rootbeer. The American way to celebrate.I love these jeans but you know that. I also like my “broken doll legs” stance in the picture below.

And this is for you Leia

A simple yet stunning Holiday makeup look!

I was inspired by some random lady in the mall, who had beautiful gold and black on her eyes. Yes. I stare at people’s makeup, not just any “people,” strangers and they like it. Well, maybe not…but whatev.

1. Go over the entire lid with a moose type gold shadow.

2. Use a black and place in a sidewards triangle shape, going in the crease of the eye and by the lashes but only for about halfway over the lid. (Yeah, great instructions huh?)

3. Use gold to fill in the rest of the lid blending at the middle where it will meet the black.

4. Use a liner, halfway on the lower waterline (very light), and go over the top of the lashes with the liner.

5. Take your gold and lighten up the liner on the lash line.

6. Apply Mascara. Use a very pale blush. and use a lip gloss. Nothing more. And Voila!

More Holiday styles to come! I have been thinking up a storm!

I hope you all are having a wonderful day! Today I want to learn random facts about my readers, so go on, tell me what your “stage name” would be! Or anything else, anything less embarrassing will suffice.


7 responses

  1. Love your first black and white pic and the make is gorgeous. Subtle and shiny just how it should be! ;)

    P.S. You are welcome back tomorrow to come and choose your favorite … hehe!

  2. I love all the pictures and I really, really love the make-up look!!! I think it’s simple enough for me to try. Will do it when I get back home and have access to all my make-up :)

  3. I love the jumper in #24: It looks so comfy and outfit 26 is definitely one of my favourites. The jeans and shoes look so good.

    And your make up looks stunning!! I love your eyeshadow.

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