Simply Magic Makeup Tutorial!

Wow, it has been too long since I did my last makeup post! This one is called Simply Magic, because the colors are so simple, yet stunning. Also, I watched a magician today, as you will read in Remix 20.

1. Line your lower waterline with black, extending the line slightly past your eyes.

2. Use a copper/brown color and gray under the lower lashes using a tipped thin line brush. Slightly smudge with a q-tip.

3. Use the same brush and draw a thin line above top lashes with your copper/brown color.

4. Put mascara only on top lashes ONLY. Important for this look.


1. Don’t line your upper waterline. The idea of this look is to focus on the bottom of the eye rather than the top.

2. Use a bronzer instead of a blush. Place your bronzer on your cheeks, nose and chin.

3. I also am not wearing lipstick. Some people think that’s a big no no, but I say break the rules!

Just have fun! I hope some of you like this look! It is slightly more time consuming because you will want to focus on precision, but I think it will be a good starter if this is your first time trying the lower lash intensified look.

Do you think you will try out this look? Anything in particular you want to see? I would love the suggestions!



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