Remix 20

Andrew and I went out without Myles for like 4 hours! We watched a magician. My favorite trick…He put a ketchup bottle into a paper bag, I could see it in there through the light, and he crinkled up the bag!

I am wearing the same pants and shirt as my last post, only difference is I dressed up instead of down.

Also watched people get hypnotized! It was a fun date night! I wish I had a picture of Andrew because he looked pretty stunning in his black button down.

Also, as you can see I lightened my hair. I just felt like I needed a change. And in the first pic, my hair falls out by the end of the night. It always do that. I guess I should go into the bathroom and fix it more often, but I don’t.

Last comment about these pictures…The scarf I made. I also made a dress out of the same material in like 4 hours. I would have worn it tonight, but it obviously is not in my 30 challenge.


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