Toddler Time!

This post is dedicated to all toddler mom’s and their little ones!

Meet Mikah! This is my friend Mandy’s little boy! Mandy has a pretty awesome bargin’s and deals blog.

Being a mom of a toddler can be quite fun, but also very busy! Myles for instance seems to have an attention span of 10 seconds. Here are ideas for playing with your little man, or little girl!

1. If the weather permits play in the snow! Make sure your little one is bundled up though! It is definately cold season. Finish with a nice warm cup of hot chocolate like cute Mikah.

2. Go to the library. There are reading groups you can join, (which are quite cute actually.) or you can go just the two of you. I let Myles out if his stroller and let him walk around, pull out books from the baby box, and touch the statues.

3. Play dress up with fuzzy bear! Make the stuffed animals little people who like to wear hats, dance to music, and ride toy cars!

4. Let your toddler help you bake! Wash their little fingers and let them stir (with or without a spoon) the cookie dough. Surprisingly its not very messy!

5. Finger paint, read stories together, play peek-a-boo, hide and seek, bathtime, dance time…

Okay, that’s all I got. Do you have any suggestions? As you can tell I really need more ideas!


3 responses

  1. One of my favorite things to do is to fill a small bowl with flour and give each kids a cup and spoon and just let them play. When they are all done, I just vacuum up the mess. This can also be done with noodles or rice. I dye mine with food coloring so they look more colorful :)

  2. my boys love to go to the library and just sit and play with the blocks and read lots of books…in the warmer months we go for a long walk on the trails by the house

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