Secret 16.17

Tired of my background, so I tried something new today.

Look! I’m a present!

You can’t catch me! I’m the gingerbread man!

Here is yesterday’s outfit… It isn’t much. I didn’t go out at all, so I wore this with my forever 21 shirt…

Let me tell you a secret. I love my collar bones and neck. I think they are so beautiful, and luckily they are beautiful no matter what weight I am. 9 months pregnant, or skinny me now they still are a lovely shape and have a defined structure.

What is one of your secretly loved feminine body parts?


6 responses

  1. You look so pretty in the pictures. The jumper in the second outfit looks so comfortable.

    I secretly really love my legs. Which is why I wear loads of short skirts/dresses in the summer.

  2. You do have lovely collar bones. And you are looking extra pretty in the last picture! :) Funnily enough I do not have a favorite part, I either like all of me or none at all :P

  3. Love the last picture! I can tell why you love them about yourself.
    I actually don’t know which parts I like about myself.
    I really don’t.

    I would love to leave you a lot of comments but have to get back to studying!


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