Guest Post Friend Friday

If you didn’t get a chance to check out yesterday’s post, due to the holidays be sure to do that! You can head over here or here to read my post on taking your own family photo’s with makeup and styling tips. I am thankful that these two girls were willing to feature me!
Today I am excited to be featuring Sarah! I just recently discovered her blog, and I love that she does posts on dressing for your body type!
My name is Sarah and I write a blog called Destrehan’s Daughter about daily style and finding out what works for your body.  I am really excited to be doing a guest post on Annie’s blog, Makeup and Jeans Girl.  If you like what you read here, maybe you can come by my site and check it out.  Annie is also doing a guest post for me about dressing for holiday pictures today.
When Annie told me she was interested in writing about the holidays, I thought it might be good to stay with that theme.  My family is probably a lot like yours during the holiday season.  We try to get together as much as possible and that usually means I end up driving or flying to see them and rushing out to parties and dinners.  I think getting dressed for an event and being comfortable during that travel can be a big challenge.  I don’t think most people are wearing dinner party attire anymore, but we all tend to put a little more effort into our appearances, even if that’s just sprucing up a regular jeans look.  Here are some ideas I have for keeping warm, comfy, and feeling stylish during the holiday season.  I tried to use pieces that you can find anywhere and that are popular in a lot of wardrobes.
Jeans or Cords, Pullover Sweater and Boots with a Scarf. If you are going somewhere casual, you can’t beat the toasty warmth of a pullover sweater with jeans or corduroys.  If someone wants to build a snowman or (more likely for southern LA) wants to walk around to burn off some of the feast you’ve just eaten, this is a great choice.  I like the idea of a great shoe and then a fabulous top with sparkle or a pattern and texture mix like the floral cardigan and circle scarf.  I also like the idea of doing a non-traditional grey jeans or olive corduroys.
Grandpa cardigan, T-shirt and Skirt with Tights and Oxfords. I see grandpa cardigans and oxfords everywhere this year on blogs, and I know that part of the reason is the comfort factor.  It’s really easy to put a long cardigan, whimsical t-shirt and skirt with warm patterned tights and lace up shoes.  I am a big fan of flats, so this look is right up my alley.  Putting the floral cardigan with the striped shirt, plaid tights and mustard skirt is a little more attention grabbing.  But, you can always go subtle and polished with a white henley, cargo skirt, grey sweater tights, and a striped cardigan.
Sweater Dress with Leggings and Boots with Sparkly Jewelry. A dress is one of the easiest pieces of clothes to put on and when you layer it with leggings, it’s like wearing pajamas.  There are lots of great colors and patterns and textures to be mixed here.  I am especially fond of the legging colors and options that are available at stores like Forever21 and Old Navy which are much more affordable.  To up the dressy factor, I like to add a really sparkly piece of jewelry, like a necklace.  Boots will keep your feet and legs a little bit warmer.
I hope that these ShopStyle compilations give you some ideas to take you from the journey to the party.  Click the link if you’d like to see a larger version of these outfits or find out where to get a specific piece.

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