A Letter to my Readers

So, I just wanted to say…

I have been keeping up with my 30 for 30! Only problem is I haven’t been getting pictures! So I will go back and wear the same outfits and do a post of three or so again! Is that bad? I seriously will put the exact outfit back on. lol I know I’m a little weird.

Also, a few things I am grateful for.
I know I have a pretty good readership. I have been getting more comments since I moved my blog, (I know many are because of this 30 for 30 challenge but I also like to think people like my content…)
Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you to my readers.

I really appreciate the unexpected comments and compliments. It is very heart warming to know that my blog actually inspires people sometimes! I love that you guys try my makeup tips, think I am stylish and “want to take my picture.” You all know who you are. And to my constant commenters, you are so precious to me!

I have met so many people through my blog, and even though I don’t know all of you in person, it is great to have an outlet where I can have conversations with people who think at least kind of similarly to me and are non-judgemental.




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