Opinions Anyone? Drug Injection Rooms.

Have you heard of Drug Injection Rooms and Needle Exchange both health prevention measures?

*Apparently Drug Injection Rooms are rooms where people who want to shoot up can go and be supervised while injecting, even if the drugs are illegal.

*Needle Exchange is mainly giving drug users access to clean needles.

We don’t have these in the United States. And since some of you are from Europe I would love to hear your opinion on these issues. I am writing a research paper and just want to get more information. Do you think they work? Do you live somewhere where these programs are in place? This is actually the first time I have heard of this option. I would love your opinion!

Also, I know that this isn’t fashion related at all. I get more traffic on this blog, and so I thought some of you would help me out!

If you don’t want to publish your opinion on my blog, I would love an email! Thanks for helping me out.


6 responses

  1. Hey there! This is the first time I am hearing about it as well. Though it seems like a practical idea. Not sure what message it gives out but at least if people are not ready to seek the ‘real’ help there is are some preventive measure in this plan. However, I have no idea about the program so it is not wise to give any opinions what so ever!

    Sorry for not being of much help!

  2. Hi there I just started reading your blog a few weeks ago and just like to say first off that I love it and enjoy seeing your outfits/finding inspiration for myself!
    But I decided to post today because this topis really interests me and I feel like I know a bit about them and could help you out.

    First of all I’m from canada and we do have them here, the first one being in Vancouver B.C I belive and yes in my opinion they are a good idea and do work. I know the controversy with them is that people should be ‘encouraged’ to do drugs because yes the ones they are doing at these sites are illegal. But the rationale behind them is that they are for the people who are already addicted. I know one big avantage of them is that there are nurses (im a nursing student) who work there and especially in vancouver, it is decreasing the amount of deaths from overdose because the nurses are there to provide medical help, get them help if needed if they do overdose. Also like you mentioned they are provided with clean needles which as we know will help to stop speading of diseases such as HIV, Hep C etc etc. A reason that this is helpful and not jsut providing a place for people to go to do their drugs, is that here there are extremely long waiting lists for rehab centres and programs so even if people are ready to get help, they are having to wait for over 6 months! In this case its a solution where they can be more assured they will stay safe ( clean needles, nurses there in case of overdose etc) until they can get clean.

    Okay im sure theres much more that i can tell you and I hope that makes sense so far I get a little carried away/excited about this topic so I hope it wasnt too rambly!


  3. Hey Annie,

    I have definitely heard of these. I’m sure they have them all over the UK. They provide safe places where people who take drugs can do so under supervision, with access to clean needles, so as to prevent the spread of HIV. People who work there don’t pressure drug-users to get clean, but rather provide a safe environment where they can continue to take drugs but also make sure they aren’t doing any other types of damage to themselves… As for do they work? I’m not really sure of the statistics but I think they definitely help provide a first step in the right direction for people wanting to clean up their acts.

    Sorry I can’t give you more info! That’s all I know!

  4. my first inclination is that it goes against the idea of “natural selection”, which i know is supposed to be a biological/evolution thing (hey, i studied engineering, i’m sheltered!), but i tend to think of it in the sense of our every day decisions. i get up and go to work every day to maintain a routine, to make money, to feed myself, to pay my bills, keep a roof over my head and be able to afford certain luxuries like a gym membership. if i chose to spend my money on drugs, slowly spiral out of control, overdose and die, well then i’m out of the gene pool. my tendency to be a drug addict will not spread to my offspring (so i guess i’m back to the evolution thing after all). now, if i were assisted at the spiral out of control stage so that i didn’t overdose and die, i would have the chance to spread my genetics. so far im assuming drug addiction is nature. so, if given the assistance of a drug room or clean needle, so as not to die, i may have the opportunity to have a child, and nurture it in a negative way. no one wants to be raised by a drug addict.

    ugh this isn’t well-thought out. basically, i think these things are a BAD IDEA because it is only prolonging the problem. drug users and addicts will always be around, but if we enable them to live longer, we enable them to mess up the lives of those (clean, society contributing people) around them.

    i realize this sounds extremely closed-minded, rude and terrible, but these are only my first thoughts.

    after reading Alex’s comment above, the idea of stopping the spread of diseases and keeping people safe until they can get to rehab is great. if only there was a way to ensure people actually do go to rehab when they get off the waiting list.

    this is a seriously hard topic to think about. i think you will have a great time writing that research paper, good luck!

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