Remix 5, 6, and 7.

Okay, so posting everyday makes me kind of sad. Because I feel as though I have to do it, and then I’m depressed about my un-chic oufits. Instead I’m going to bombard you with my last three remix photo’s!


We went to a friends house and ate oatmeal pancakes, in which Andrew declared, “These are the best pancakes I have ever had! Annie makes her’s from a box.”


And thank you all for your feedback on my last post concerning my outfit. I really hated that outfit and was stressed because I posted it. Your advice will be helpful in the future. I really liked a lot of the suggestions. The particular shoes I was wearing in my last post just aren’t me. So I am giving them to my little sister as a Christmas gift, but shhh, she doesn’t know. I’m going to try and not add another item to my 30 for 30 because these shoes are now out.


These boots on the other hand are me, as you can tell since I have worn them in all these posts! Also I have vetoed a skirt from my 30 for 30 since it is too cold now. I have replaced my skirt with these jeans.

Have a wonderful day ladies and fellows! xoxo Annie


13 responses

  1. boots are fab. definitely think a person should wear clothes that make her feel more like herself! all the outfits are great but saturday’s is my fave. love the gray, black, brown combo.

  2. i LOVE those boots. i have boots in my remix that i resist putting on but why resist? they’re fabulous! and boots look great day after day, as you’ve proved here.

  3. Wait, are you serious? Aw don’t be sad! I just found your blog and I think you’re stunning, and your outfits look amazing on you! I’ll be checking back in daily so you BETTER keep posting! And yes, that’s a threat. ;)

  4. Gorgeous outfits! I wear really un chic outfits most of the time, so I find it hard to post cool outfit shots everyday!

    I love all 3 of your outfits. The third one is my favourite. Those boots are pretty incredible.

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