~Soup, Friend Friday and Remix 4~

We had some friend over for dinner and I made Cod Chowder. It was really delicious! I was proud of my creation, however this hearty meal made me feel like I gained 5 pounds! My tummy was sticking out.

1. How do you promote your blog?

Mainly through commenting after other peoples blogs. I try really hard to leave meaningful comments often. Other than that I have noticed that joining things like Friend Friday and 30 for 30 has increased readers. I also use Chictopia and IFB.

2. In your experience what has been the most effective form of self promotion?

Both leaving honest and thoughtful comments for other bloggers and joining groups. However, I think content is key.

3. Do you think there is a wrong way to promote yourself and your blog?

No. Not really. I know that there has been some discussion about short comments, but honestly, if someone is going to leave me a short comment that is fine with me. Obviously I much prefer the meaningful comments, and will follow back the people who give me meaningful comments as opposed to those who leave one comment and leave, but I still appreciate that someone is taking the time to stop by and leave me a little message, even if it is only to promote their blog.

4. When is comes to others pushing their product what annoys you?

Nothing really. Well, I guess that’s not completely true. I did have someone leave me a comment to that was pretty much only a link to their site, which was a porn site. That was annoying on so many levels, and disrespectful I think, but oh well.

5. In Dressful’s post on this topic earlier in the week she said, “It’s impossible to respect someone who wants all the attention, but adds nothing worthwhile to the conversation.” Do you agree?

I don’t know anyone who truly fits under this category. Yeah, there are people who want to be popular and want attention, but maybe they are compensating for lack of confidence or something else. Either way, just because someone doesn’t have a meaningful comment to post I don’t believe that automatically means they have nothing worthwhile to add to the conversation. Maybe they just aren’t open. Any way it is though, I will give you the benefit of the doubt.

On another note, My remix outfit just wasn’t really all that awesome today. I felt very lame actually. I am having a hard time embracing these shoes, and am actually feeling a little buyers remorse since I didn’t love them.

Any suggestions on how to make them more fun? I also am not loving the proportions here either.

Do you ever have bad outfit days? Where you want to wear something cute, but it’s just not happening for you?


6 responses

  1. I agree with on most matters … It doesn’t both me either if someone leaves me a short comment but of course I wont follow them back or check their blog if I am short on time! I feel like having some soup now! :P

  2. i reallly like those shoes. embrace them!

    man, i just had a bad outfit day today. and i DID want to wear something cute… i had a few ideas, but let my BF veto one, and didnt want to wear the other because I was working with all males today, and i know they wouldnt approve. im lame.

  3. I appreciate short comments too. After all, I’m mainly doing daily outfit posts, so usually there isn’t that much to actually comment on lol!

    As for your outfit, I like it, including the shoes which I think would look great with a skirt or dress and tights. For this particular outfit, maybe you could have rolled the pants legs up a little. And I definitely would’ve pushed the sweater sleeves back and piled on some bangle bracelets and a cool pair of statement earrings.

    Also, I have bad outfit days all the time. But usually a cool pair of shades and a confident attitude can help turn things around.

    Hope that helps!


  4. what about a skinny belt over the sweater at your natural waist? you appear to have a teeny tiny waist=) why not emphasized it? mustard yellow looks great on you. could not wear that color to save my life. (i’d comment on the shoes but i can’t see them all that well.)

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