Remix 3 Feeling Sexy Tips!

As many of you know, I’m not really a “sexy” girl. I tend to fall under the “cute” category, in style, and personality. However some-day’s I just want to feel sexy.My hair is middle length, my entire body is thin and curve-less. But I want to share my suggestions on how to feel a little sexier even though you may not have the assets like me.

1. Makeup tips: Don’t wear too much on the eyes, but enough to accent them. Try colors like lavender, gray, hazel, gold, but definitely use a liner! Wear gloss as opposed to lipstick. Make sure to use a blush for a pretty flush.

2. Styling tips: Leave your hair down. Wear a little lace. Wear things that make you feel sexy, instant glamor is added by heels and skinny jeans. In general I’d say use minimal jewelry, but I would definitely suggest a bracelet or two. Oh, and I had to come back and add this: Wear a push up bra!! Total must for us little ladies!

3. Posing for pictures: Accent your best features. Stand tall, try putting your hands near your face, and flirt with the camera. Fake confidence. Find out if you feel more comfortable taking pictures of yourself with a self timer, or if you could use help feeling sexy from a friend, boyfriend, or husband. For me I feel more comfortable taking pictures of myself.

4. Photoshop tips: Bring up the saturation. Use a dodge tool to brighten the eyes and lips. Maybe even try bringing up the red a bit.

Now to end with a quote by Johann Wolfgang van Goethe, “We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.” What things do you love?


5 responses

  1. I like your tips, I’m often “cute” but rarely “sexy.” Though I’m not always a fan of being cute, I’m entirely comfortable with being sexy either. LOL. I gotta try out these tips to being out my sexiness. =)

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