Remix 1 Soup Edition.

So, I didn’t get dressed today until like 5pm. Yeah….

I was doing laundry ALL day, and cleaning house. I like lounging being in pj’s all day sometimes.

This is me sticking out my butt. When I try to take pictures of the back, I don’t stick it out normally, and look disfigured. I guess that’s what happens when it’s flat and you don’t have good posture.

I’m wearing a coat because it is cold outside and I need to go to school.

And I am trying new soups! I got a book from the library of 300 soup recipes! This one is a yellow pepper soup with with a Cilantro garnish.

The soup was a little funky in texture and spicy, but none the less yummy!


9 responses

  1. Those Jeans fit you so well and you have sexy legs Chica! :) I love Pepper Soup, ‘coz I love spicy stuff … your’s look yumm for sure!!! I haven’t started for 30 X 30 yet.

  2. This remix idea sounds fun but challenging! Good luck!

    You look great! On days where I have no where to go until late afternoon I stay in my pjs too! :) It’s so much better that way!

    And that soup looks tasty! I’ve been trying some new organic soups lately, I tried a harvest corn one, which was surprisingly yummy! And a sweet potato soup which was surprisingly icky!

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