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Okay Ladies! Here are my remix items!

1. Thrift Brown Mudd Oxford Shoes.

2. Thrift Black Charlotte Russe Booties.

3. Thrift Camel Cowboy Boots.

4. Thrift Black Boots.

5. Nude Fabulosity Suede Heels.

6. Mustard Derek Heart  Sweater.

7. Thrift Brown Motorcycle Jacket.

8. White Aeropostale Sweater.

9. Thrift Gray Energie Knit Cardigan.

10. Secondhand Gray Mossimo Cardigan.

11. Secondhand Gray Knit Energie Sweater.

12. Thrift Blue Hollister Collared Stripped Shirt.

13. Gray Love Scene Shirt.

14. Gray One Step Up Long Sleeved Shirt.

15. Secondhand Dark Blue XXI Long Sleeved Shirt.

16. Black Energie Shirt.

17. Green Derek Heart Shirt.

18. Thrift Blue American Eagle Stripped Shirt.

19. White Hollister Shirt.

20. Thrift Plum H&M T-Shirt.

21. Thrift White XXI Shirt.

21.5 Secondhand Blue and White Mossimo Tank. This is my exception. I don’t wear just tank tops alone, so I think I should be allowed this extra item. Since tanks don’t really count.

22. Blue and Green IZ Floral Dress.

23. Black Take Out Sweater Dress.

24. Thrift Pink/Blue Mossimo Plaid Dress.

25. Secondhand Red/Blue Skirt. Grandma’s.

26. Pink Lauren Conrad Skirt.

27. Underground Soul Jeans.

28. White YMI Jeans.

29. Dark Decree Jeggings.

30. Almost Famous Jeans.

The rules are these. 30 items to remix over 30 different outfits! Shoes are included. Other accessories are not, including tank-tops. Coat are not either.

One last rule is no shopping for 30 days!

Wish me luck ladies! Other friends of mine who joined this challenge include No Guilt Fashion, The Fabulous Life of the Not-So-Rich and Infamous, and Modly Chic. For a list of EVERYONE check it out here as Kendi’s blog, the one who started it all and btw she has some pretty awesome style.


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