Friend Friday:Showertime With Annie.

Wow. Friend Friday is getting personal!  Yeah, by the end of this you are either going to be crying in pity or laughing with fear feeling lucky that you don’t know me in person. But PLEASE whatever your reaction, don’t hate me, I’m still cool, I promise.

1. The move to do away with soap, shampoo and deodorant has been
growing in popularity in the last year. What are your thoughts on this

To be honest I didn’t really see this as a trend. But I guess it makes sense. Yep, very French, Canadian, al naturale….Personally though I would ever forgo deodorant completely. But yeah, that’s not something I use on a daily basis. Probably more like every other day, or dare I say even less than that? Mainly because my deodorants will stop working if I use them everyday! Do any of you have that problem? I mean seriously?! I have been using Dove, and it has really been helping actually. I have also tried the spraying vinegar thing, which kinda works…but a lemon? I don’t know about that.

Now that you are completely grossed out…
2. Be honest how often do you wash your own hair?

After two or three days. Rarely four since I have pretty thin hair and it gets greasy after about the third day. I try to keep the natural oils in it.

3. Have you tried to go the more natural route by forgoing shampoo? What happened? Or would you be tempted to try it?

No I haven’t opted going shampoo-less. I use products in my hair, such as hairspray, mouse, heat protection. I think if you are using products it’s best to wash them out. But I might try something like this, but chances are it would bother me and I’d get a creepy feeling that my hair was dirty and break down and scrub that baby! Besides washing my hair is a relaxing ritual for me, it’s not something I’d want to give up.

4. What products do you use and have you ever gone with more organic

As for my body products, I like to pamper myself. Showering, while washing my hair and body is very relaxing, and I really enjoy that time. Often I buy products I love the smells to, for example John Frieda shampoo and conditioner for brunettes, and bath and body works body wash. Mainly, it has to do it’s job and smell divine. A nice scrubber helps makes the experience even better!

5. What about that daily shower? Would you forgo that opting to shower
three times a week instead?

I don’t do daily showers. I never have. Growing up in such a big family with only two bathrooms shower time was more of a weekly or two days a week routine. Yeah, now I know that’s going to completely throw some of you off. I actually try to shower closer to every day now because if you couldn’t tell, I love to shower.

I probably do it every other day, but at least three times a week. Unless I am working out, then I actually shower more.  Only exception is that special time God gave us women. Yeah. During that time I don’t shower for a more meaningful experience. JUST KIDDING! I shower everyday…if not 3 times a day…

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7 responses

  1. I don’t have time to film my usual friend friday vlog today :( but I loved reading your answers! I always have to have a shower every day, I just can’t go to bed if I don’t feel squeaky clean. I’ve never had the problem of deodorants not working for me! I wash my hair 2-3 times a week, and try to use organic products whenever I can, especially because most shampoos irritate my scalp!

  2. You’re funny. This is a good topic to make a little light of. It’s something to pay heed to but we need not get too serious. Our elders have been using shampoo for ages with no issues. I think manufacturing is just getting worst so we should be mindful.

  3. Lol! I like the fact that you can be so open and honest!
    I shower every day but the doctor said I should not do that
    because my skin is quite sensitive and it’s not necessary.
    Sometimes I manage to shower 5 or 6 times a week.
    I always try to use organic products, we even make our own
    products, we have this recipe book from James Wong.
    I wrote about him once: check it out if you like.
    I don’t use deodorants because it ain’t working for me and
    it makes my armpits turn dark! Rubbing with lemon gives me
    back my normal skin color. I should wash my unmanageable hair
    only once a week cause washing too often is really bad for my hair
    but I end up doing it like three times because it feels so fresh and clean.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Showers
    I don’t shower everyday either. I think it was the growing up in a huge family thing. Or the fact that showers dry out my skin and hair super bad. My hair and skin are always so much healthier and pretty on the the 2nd day. I usually only shower 2 or 3 times a week. I always have to shower after working out or doing something physical tho. (Now you know how often I work out- only once a week yikes). I can’t shower without washing the hair tho because it will feel stringy and icky. I always scrub scrub scrub (rinse and repeat) and then finish off with a organic conditioner that I got free with a coupon. Oh and I am really weird because I don’t like showering. I hate the feeling of dried out flaky skin :( I did, however discover sugar scrub which I am in love with! It gives my skin so much moisture without making it itchy or greasy.

    I’ve had a problem with deodorant making me smell worse and making me sweat more! Then I discovered Dove deodorant which is the only kind that I will use now. I don’t sweat much tho, so I only use deodorant as needed. I’ve never heard of using lemon or vinegar. I might try the lemon sometime but it seems like it would feel sticky ??

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