My First Successful Vlog!!!

Okay Ladies!

I am very excited show you my Vlog! In it I talk about things that I wear, accessories and makeup!

Sorry I say um, and slur my words…and sound a little funky in the video. Also, if you didn’t know YouTube has a new privacy setting where only people with the link can look it up! Sorry I don’t allow comments on my video. I just have seen so many negative comments before on YouTube that I’m not even going to go there. Enjoy! I’d love it if you do this as well!


7 responses

  1. Awww I loved this! I really like watching vlogs because I think they are much more personal, you get to see what a person sounds like and their mannerisms, so it’s much more like being in the same room as them :) this was really fun!

  2. I loved watching this. I really like finding out more about bloggers and Vlogs are definitely more personal. Your heels and that jacket are probably my favorite things that you showed. I can’t wait to see an outfit post based around the jacket. Also love those earrings! The ones that belong to your sister in law are gorgeous.
    I think this type of post is great. I’m definitely thinking of doing one!

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