Friend Friday: Random Facts

Friend Friday this week is just doing a little fun post.

10 Random Things You didn’t know about me.

1. I know that this is probably the biggest thing a lot of you question. The story behind my eye. When i was 18 months old I walked into a swing set, the one that has the two seat benches. It was missing a bolt, and my sister and her friend were swinging on it. I got hit right smack in the eye. I had surgery and can now see but it’s not perfect.

2. Because I got punctured in my eye I wore glasses and a patch and one contact for 8 years of my life. I normally didn’t take pictures with the patch.

3. I have 16 brothers and sisters. 6 are adopted. (Three from Russia, three from Ethiopia).

4. I hate canned green beans and Mayonnaise.

5. I worked in a nursing home when I barely turned 18. I had 10,000 dollars saved by the time I went to college.

6. I always like quite shy guys the best. Probably why I ended up marrying Andrew. :)

7. My favorite shows are House, Cougar Town, How I Met Your Mother, Project Runway, I use to love the Office (lately it’s been lame), Prison Break, Fringe, Drop Dead Diva, Modern Family and the Bachelor. Yep, these are shows some people may not admit to liking. However I HATE cartoons for the most part.

8. I enjoy doing laundry, but hate doing the dishes. I also like having my own little tool set.

9. I know a lot more about computers since being with Andrew.

10. I’m writing a fantasy novel.

10 Fashion related things You didn’t know about me.

1.When I was in HS I use to wait until I was at school to put on makeup because my parents hated eye liner. I use to wash it off as soon as I got home.

2. I probably will never have matching clothes.

3. Sometimes I sew my own clothes.

4. Over a few years of trying to get a closet full of stuff I love, and getting rid of stuff I don’t wear, and a few books to help I finally feel like I have accomplished that! I am simply trying to not spend so much money on clothes. I’ll do a post on this soon.

5. I have been dying my hair since I was 12. It is currently my natural color! Or as close as I can get.

6. I think fashion is an expression of who you are.

7. I love jeans. I want to live my entire life in jeans.

8. My dad had a rule in HS that we had to wear skirts every tues. to school unless it was -20 degrees outside. I hated that rule.

9. One time my little brother had eaten lipstick. So my mom was reading the ten commandments and added, “And thou shalt not eat lipstick!”

10. I never buy anything full price.

If you would like to participate in Friend Friday check out ModlyChic. Also if you look on my sidebar to the right there is a list of everyone who participates in Friend Friday.


9 responses

  1. 16 kids… that totally trumps my 9! And I think you would get along really well with my sister Emily – she saved money and never spent a dime for years. I never could quiet understand that. LOL – Katy

  2. Didn’t know about your eye! Poor thing! Luckily everything turned out ok!

    You come from a big family! I thought I had a big one being one of ten kids!

    Very interesting Annie :)!

    I like shy guys too. and jeans.

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