Let Me Lead While Wearing My Boots.

Today I would like to direct you a few places.

1. Adorable slideshow of some recent pictures of Myles.

2. As you may know, I have been publishing some work on this blog, Every College Girl. I would really appreciate it if you stopped by and left me a couple of comments. These are my posts. My two newest posts are on defining a relationship and suggestions, and how to take care of winter lips. I personally really like the sight and readily suggest it to any college girl. Thanks so much for reading my work.

3. I am still super stoked about Wild and Precious and their current 3-a-day giveaways! She is one of my favorite bloggers, and has introduced me to so many other amazing bloggers. Check her out if you get the chance.

I wore this yesterday. Nothing original, just me. I know I’ve worn these boots for like 3 days straight. I just always wanted a pair of cowboy boots! And although these ones are two sized too big, I just love them! Whenever I buy something new, esp. shoes, I do this.


8 responses

  1. You look so cute! Don’t worry about wearing pieces more than once in your outfit posts. People do it all the time :)

    To answer your question, yes my hair is naturally wavy. I just add a little bit of gel to enhance the waves a little. Thanks for commenting!

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