Simple pink with a sparkle.

Sometimes keeping things simple is all that I want.
And sometimes that’s exactly what I get.

For days like these I still enjoy putting on makeup.This makeup look takes about six minutes total, and gives you a very pretty face for the day. It is one of my favorite looks, because it is so simple, it almost looks natural.
Start with a very basic foundation.
For the Eyes: Start with a silver mouse eyeshadow. Place on the eye lids near the lashes. 
Second use a thick sparkle eye shadow and apply over entire lid. 
Add a matte dusty pink shadow in the crease of the eye.
Go over the entire lid again with the sparkle eye shadow.
Move on to your blush, using a very pale pink. My suggestion is Bare Minerals in clear radiance.
Use the same big fluffy blush brush and swipe lightly over your eyes to tone down the sparkle.
Add one coat of mascarra to the top lashes. Skip the bottom ones.
No eye liner.
Use a colorless lip gloss.
My color therory suggestions are these…
I hope that these instructions are simple enough for you! Please let me know if you try it and how you liked the look! If you have any questions let me know, since I would love to help!
xoxo Annie

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