Friend Friday: Work vs. Blog Wear

1. When it comes to outfit posts on your own blog, be honest are they what you actually wore that day?
Yes. Completely. Although I don’t post outfits very often, mainly because I get very self conscious in retrospect of my outfits. However I am feeling more confident lately. To answer a question from last week, since I didn’t have time to do friend Friday, I believe my style has changed since blogging. I am starting to dress more appropriately for my body shape which has changed significantly after having a baby.

I also think that I wear a lot of cute outfits during the week that I don’t post about. You mainly get my Sunday outfits because that’s when I like to dress up the most. :)
2. For a fashion blogger, working in a corporate environment can be tricky. How do you mesh your day job with your personal style choices?
Well, I don’t currently work. I always hated that though when I did work. When I have my career, I am seriously considering finding a job where jeans are acceptable.

3. When you get dressed in the morning, do you think what should I wear to work or what should I wear for the blog?
Neither. I think, what will I feel comfortable in today? Do I want to dress up? or wear leggings or workout wear so that I plan on working out or clean for the day. I have been trying to do more dress up days lately. :)

4. Do professionals you interact with ever make comments about your clothing choices?
 Well, in the past I have had many people say I dress artistically and am very fashionable. People have said that they want me to give them fashion lessons before. lol I always thought that was funny. But I guess that is a really nice compliment. Like I have said  before, I don’t think I am very fashion forward, I just like comfort and enjoy clothes. I think that’s why I get embarrassed when seeing pictures of my outfits, because i use to experiment a lot…but now I am more comfortable with my lifestyle and fashion choice.

5. Some bloggers openly admit to wearing outfits only for the blog post. What’s your opinion on that?   
Personally I think that’s silly. It seems fake to me. But hey, to each their own. Unless it was for a photo shoot…So I guess if all the pictures were artistic, I could see that. 


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