What is an eye primer?

What is it: An eye primer is a water proof base that you use to on your eye lids prior to putting on your shadow. It will allow your makeup to glide on beautifully. The makeup adheres to your skin better, making your color last longer as well as  It will make your color last longer, more vivid and have minimal creases.

The texture: It slightly feels like a thick lotion, like a thinner sunscreen. It almost feels like concealer.

Alternatives: To get an idea of how a primer works you can actually use a very very thin layer of Vaseline. It doesn’t work nearly as well…but it will give you a good idea. Another alternative you can use is the makeup that gets stuck up in the lid of your foundation. It will have a thicker consistency that will work…but also isn’t quite up to par.

Where to buy: My suggestions, I personally like “Mary Kay’s” Eye Primer. I have heard that “Two Face Insurance” is amazing as well, although I haven’t had a chance to try it yet. 


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