Art Giveaway!

So, my blog is over a year old. I never threw it a proper party, or even mention it at that. But I am currently doing a one year blog giveaway!
You all know I like to make my own stuff. Well, I am no artist but I do enjoy making stuff! I made this watercolor art work especially for one of you. I wanted something that I could mail internationally and wouldn’t break the bank. Well, ladies and gentlemen I now present…

The colors are slightly off, but pretty close. I only am going to send the pictures themselves and not any frame. Sorry. It just cost too much to mail.

The only thing you have to do is follow my blog and leave a comment! It’s that simple.

For additional entries just answer any of these questions as a seperate comment. Each answer will count as one entry.
1. Where could you spend hours of the day? (For example, The library, A specific store, Outdoors…)
2. What’s one of your favorite post’s I’ve done?
3. If you had to choose between a taco and a hamburger what would it be and WHY?
4. What is your favorite TV show?
5. Would you rather be the villain or hero?

You can leave your comments on either of my blogs.

Ends August 31, 2010 (Open Internationally!!)


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