Try the look. Love it. Crave it: White Jeans

I have been trying to think of ways to make my blog more original. So, a new project I am starting is called “Try the look. Love it. Crave it.” In these posts I will give you styling tips. I am going to focus on classic items, including blazers, black skirts, the LBD, white blouse, white jeans, etc etc. I am way excited about this new project and hope you are too!

This will be the first of many! And I will restyle these in more sophisticated ways, it is just that it is so blazing hot that I can’t seem to dress up more than a tee and lounging shorts. Why? Because I am a sweating dog. I can’t wait for fall for my cold weather clothes!

So, as for the post, after reading this post from The Hot Spot I decided to get some YMI jeans myself, since I have an amazing discount. See I once own a pair that lasted me about 6 years. I saw these white ones and couldn’t stop thinking about how they would fit perfectly in my closet, since I have been updating my closet with “classic” items. And I deem a pair of white jeans “classic.”

White pants tip #1. Pair with a comfortable bright tee to give it a dressed down, yet fun look!

Sorry this is a picture of my back. lol It looks good from the front too. I promise. Don’t you love how our bed is raised with cinderblocks? Yep. Life is good.

White pants tip #2 Or just wear a tee. Yeah, I’m all for comfort.

Tell me girls, do you own white jeans? Do you like the look? I know my tips aren’t that exciting, but they will get better! I promise! Try the look! Love it. Crave it.

Stay posted! Giveaway still coming up soon. And since I don’t have many followers you will have a pretty good chance of winning! Which I am actually very excited about!


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