Father’s day watch for my babe.

For father’s day, for my man, I bought him this watch.

Yeah, that’s on my arm… Anyways… I just wanted to share the deal I got on it.
First you should know, Andrew pretends that he is not picky, but he is. I have been wanting to get him a watch for quite some time now..and finally got a techy one he loved!
My man watch style would be something that looked expensive, with a metal band, rectangle face…etc. But this is his.
Orange, black band, lots of dials and things…
So, now for my deal, I bought it at Kohls. You all know I LOVE Kohls. It originally was $80. They were having a sale for about $60. So, since I always apply for a Kohls charge card, so that I can get the awesome discounts, without actually getting the card, I also got a 20% discount and $10 off. So the watch cost me a total of $40! I thought that was a good deal! This is the first man watch I have bought.
The catch?! I actually qualified this time for a Kohls charge card! lol But it will be nice because they give some killer discounts with those cards!


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