Airplanes inspired look!

Ok, so I am way excited to share this video! I am sorry that I am not organized. I have been thinking about doing this video for a while, but have been busy packing! So, I just randomly decided to do it!

So this look is inspired by Airplanes by Eminem ft. B.o.B. and Hayley Williams (Paramore). This recording isn’t the best, but hey…you should play it while watching my video!
My “Airplanes” inspired look!

When I listen to this song I think of intense blues, with a mystic feel. I also think of trying to achieve perfection without over doing it. It’s like there is perfection in the inperfect.

Here is what it turned out like…

What I used…
MK Navy Blue as the base
My Sephora box, Teal ble mixed with the black.
HIP from Loreal in the teal color, mineral eye shadow.
Loreal Liquid Pencil
Clinique High Impact Mascara
Listick Lancome in Cherub. (Idk if they still make this)
and MK Berry Sparkle

Tell me, do you like this look? It is hard for some girls to know how dark is to dark for them…but if you don’t try you will never know! So go for it!!! Try some dark navy!
(My only suggestion is if you don’t know how well you ca pull off dark colors, stick with mainly the lid. Don’t go all the way up to your brow, otherwise you may end up looking like a hooker.)


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