Cat Eyes!

How to achieve this look!

As I promised!!! I FINALLY did a video! However, my microphone won’t work!!! And Andrew currently doesn’t have time to fix it! Please let me know if it works and what you think! It was way hard to do lol… and I’m sorry there’s no sound. Just listen to some music while watching… and Idk how to do captions…but I’ll get better. :)
Cat Eyes
And for my followers… What I used… and WHY

1. Loreal liquid liner. Used this first to do a basic line.
2. Sephora black eye shadow and an eyeliner brush. Use the eye liner brush across like I did creating a triangle. Fill it in.
3. Use Almay eye liner smugging kind…to fill in gaps.
4. Use powder to go from lower lash to your triangle tip.
5. RED lips!!! Instant glam when you do red lips with Cat Eyes.
For the red lips I used Maybelline C170 (My fav red lip for my skintone) and Mary Kay Berry Sparkle. Any red liner works as well. As you saw though I toned it down by patting it with my finger.


4 responses

  1. Nice! I don't have time to watch the video right now I'm supposed to study:( But I'm very curious so will check it out soon and def give it a try! Looks amazing on you! I think I'm going to keep the sleeves. Let's see what the tailor says.

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