I was tagged by the Fashionista Tasha from The Hot Spot.  So here is goes:
– List three things you would want on a desert island if there was food and water
1: Sunscreen and Tanning Oil and Swimsuit.
2: Scriptures
3: My phone. I have Verizon. It should be covered there. :) I’d hope at least. lol
– Five favorite novels of all time
I am actually more into magazines, which I hate to admit because I am writing a book. 
 One of my all time favorites is “the host” by Stephenie Meyer. To be honest I do not understand why the “Twilight” series is more popular. This book is WAY better than those. 

Favorite children’s book! It’s about Dragons trying to quit smoking. It is really funny! Smokey Dragons by Jane Clarke
“Crime and Punishment” by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. My favorite Russian Classic. Very intense and depressing, but I love the message.
 The Scriptures both the Bible and Book of Mormon. I have learned so much about Christ and how I should be living my life from studying and incorperating the teaching in these books. 
Lastly, I don’t know if I have ever finished “Contentment” by Maria Covey Cole. But I do love quotes from this book. When I am feeling down it helps me feel better about the choice I made to become a mother.

– Tag 3 other bloggers
Sunaina from Fashionaina
 Rebeka from The Ambriz Family
Christy from The Pizza Family (This is the first time I’ve mentioned Christy’s blog, but she has some AMAZING Vegetarian dishes she makes! check them out!)



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