Okay Ladies! Are you excited as I am about this post? Yeah… lots of outfits!

So… I made this dress. No pattern. It was inspired by this picture. As you know I won a giveaway by PB&J Boutique and this is one of their dresses.
Here is mine.

It took a few hours to make.

I made the belt as well.

And yes…I did use one of Andrew’s shirts to make it! lol Please tell me what you think!!! Too weird?

Part 2
The other day I wanted to wear a silk shirt/dress a friend gave me. However…I never can bring myself to wear silk. Perhaps cuz it seems old ladyish to me?? And I do love my cotton. lol
I put this outfit together…

I also have been watching project runway…and thought I’d do a weird color combo… I don’t like this outfit. I ended up changing into this…

Much more me…Much more comfortable.

NEW SHOES!!! Which I LOVE! Thanks to a $10 gift card to JC Penny’s as well as an extra $14. Haha. They were originally $60. I love the sued and the neutral color!!!

If you want to see me in glasses and false lashes, check out this post.

Lastly, I haven’t forgotten about the cat eye editorial! Just have been busy doing other things…but I will do that soon. Promise!
Thanks all for reading! Are any of you seamstress’s?


7 responses

  1. I love ur new heels! I also really like how u used Andrew's shirt and made a dress! very cute and creative! I may have to try that! I really like the last outfit ur in too! those jeans and that top look amazing on u!

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