Since college…

I love to dye my hair. I love it love it love it! I also love to cut it. New styles are so much fun for me.

I have been black.

I have been blonde.

I am currently blonde.

I have been red.

I have been brown.

 I have had long hair.

I have had short hair.
I have had medium hair.

I even at one time had 4 different colors in my hair, including two reds, brown, and black, although this picture doesn’t show it well.

But now I want a new style. I was playing around yesterday with…and here are some looks I found…They change your face shape somewhat…but hey…do you like any of them?
I really want to go all blonde… and maybe a bob cut, anyways…so yeah…


3 responses

  1. wow u sure have had a lot of looks! it all looks good! the black really makes ur eyes pop! I'm glad u tried the marie claire tool! i Like the blonde shade on u!

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