Growing out eyelashes.

Picture found here.
So, the last few days I have been trying not to wear mascara. I assume that this will help them grow…but to be honest don’t know if it will work. When I was wearing contacts while wearing makeup I would loose lashes constantly.
So…some advice I found…

Don’t wear mascara.

Apply Vaseline…although there are many different “reasons” why. Here’s instructions I liked.

Apply Vaseline to your eyelashes by first gently spreading your eyelashes apart either with a small make-up brush or a toothbrush and then applying a little Vaseline to the brush. Slowly brush the Vaseline onto your eyelashes, then wait a minute before washing them off; do this every day and see if this works for you. Many say that this method has worked wonderfully for them.

Trim them! Oh no. I wouldn’t do that.

Fake lashes. That I can live with.

And most important I think… Is remove ALL makeup before bed.

Things like Loreal’s new extend lash growing crap…I personally don’t think it works. Lashes are hair like on your head…and is dead. They say they have protiens…well… how about you get proteins in your body, not on your face.

Yes I do think you can temporarily get thicker and longer lashes with mascara’s from experiance…and learning the science behind it. I also do use a primer…(like any mascara that has a white end and a black end.)
It’s like a complete extra coat.

So yeah…hopefully my lovely lashes grow.


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  1. Hmm, I wish I had some advice for you! I heard that almond oil has the same effect as you described for the Vaseline. I do know that Vaseline makes your lashes LOOK longer and thicker without having to use mascara. I think you can also get 'lash extensions' which are similar to hair extensions but they are permanent I think… Sorry I don't have better advice!

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