The Perfect Nude Lip.

 The perfect nude lip actually doesn’t mean having no lipstick. No, instead it is having more skin colored lips.
I actually don’t have a nude lipstick. I was hoping that I would get one from my sister…but apparently the color wasn’t exactly what I wanted. So, this is how to get a gorgeous nude lip alternative to nude lipstick.
1. Put on chapstick
2. Put on a foundation over your lip. I used Loreal C2. I like this one because it has a cool base to contrast my natural pink lips.
3. Put on a really light shade of lipstick. I used Mary Kay Sheer Blush.
4. Put a shiny colorless lip gloss. (sparkles are ok) I used Mary Kay Starry.
The color doesn’t last if you eat pizza.
Don’t you love how I am wearing workout clothes while wearing makeup? Yep. To be honest, that’s not uncommon for me. lol
 Do any of you still like nude lips? What is your favorite lip color? Bright Red? Coral Pink? Nude? I like to pair it with a smokey eye.
Thanks for reading!
xoxoxo Annie

3 responses

  1. Love the nude look on you! Have you tried lip primer? MK lip primer is awesome! I use it instead of the chapstick. Too bad the lipstick wasn't the right color. MK will do a trade for a new one if you aren't going to use the one you got. I will have to bring all my color samples to the fam reunion so that everyone can see what they like! My fave lip color right now is Apricot Glaze (MK), but I also wear Bronzed a lot. Bronzed is a bolder color.Fun post!

  2. I rarely wear lip color but when I do, I love nude! I also love bright red. Even if I'm using proper lipstick (not foundation), the look doesn't last if I eat pizza or anything at all :PWhat I really hate is going out on a windy day – my hair gets stuck in my lips and sometimes leaves streaks on my face! LOL!Anyway, this look really suits you :)

  3. Annie this looks great on you! I will have to give this I try, I really like how it looks! You look beautiful!Also, I wanted to say thank you for the advice on my hair! And thank you for the award from the other day! I have to do a post here soon to show some of the newer lovely awards of gotten, like the ones from you!Anyway, I hope you are having a wonderful day! :)

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