So…I went to a blog get together and got good stuff out of it. lol

So, I recently when to a blog get together…and still haven’t posted about it! lol I just think it’s funny that I went. I guess I’m officially a blogger. haha! Most the people that were there are fashion bloggers…where that isn’t really what I blog about. This is just my second blog. lol
Anyways, it was hosted by Elaine from Clothed Much and Meg from Fresh Brownies.
It was a lot of fun! I made Andrew go with me and we brought Myles too. I sat next to Meg’s mom, Cher. It was nice to meet some other bloggers.
I tried Sushi for the first time! It was crazy! And I won the drawing for prizes!!! I never win! I was so happy!!! I got a $25 gift card! And this is what I bought…
A forever 21 blue long sleeved shirt.
A pale green long sleeved shirt from Abrocrombie and Finch.
A tank from fovever 21.
A dress from Zara Basics and is b&w and has big ovals.
And a shirt from James Perse that is white and long sleeved.
Yep lot of long sleeved shirts. I tried short sleeved ones but didn’t like any of them!
I know I wasn’t going to buy clothes for 6 months…but does a gift card count? I didn’t think so, but maybe I just ruined my goal. :(
I am really excited to post the pieces and add them to my outfit collection!


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