Spring basics.

So, lately I have been wanting to dress more my “age”. So this post is all the basics in my closet, as well as the reveal of a line I now love!

A cotton white blouse. This way it is comfortable to wear during any season, as well as casual or more business attire. Found image here. This is a really cool website btw. Everything is under $15.
A poofy skirt that you like. I actually tried this one on, but it wasn’t as cute on me as I hoped. Besides I have lots of poofy skirts. Found image at Kohl’s website.
A light sweater. This one is AWESOME! Not so much for every day use though, and also is too expensive for a young mother trying to support a husband going to school, but someday right? A girl can dream… (Image found on anthropologie website. Someday…. haha)
A pair of jeans that you are comfortable in and look good on you. With jeans fit is more important than “in style.” (Image found on Google.)
Heels to die for. Yep. Every girl needs a pair of heels they love. And might I add they should be colorful! Something not so neutral. (Image found on Google.)

Lastly A summer dress. Whether it is graphic or not, you just want something light and playful to gear up for summer! (Image found on google.) 

In my quest to dress more age appropriate, I went to one of my favorite stores, Kohls, (They have Avril’s line, and I do love Avril…) But I decided that instead of limiting myself to the junior’s section in the store I would look in women’s! That is when my heart discovered Lauren Conrad’s line. I found that her style seems to be trendy as well as somewhat sophisticated, which is something I am always drawn too. I also liked that she had pieces that seemed to be somewhat indie style? Not even sure if that’s right, but it’s what it looks like to me. I’m not so into the whole punk look that I have so loved growing up…I am wanting something a little more girly now, and Lauren, you give me that. Too bad you came into my life at the wrong time. See you again in 6 months! haha.


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  1. Hey Annie, thank you for your comment! :)I totally agree with your pointers here – especially about finding a pair of gorgeous heels, as I am on the hunt right now for a pair of gorgeous summer heels!I love the look of that striped skirt also. Gorgeous.- Anna Jane x(PixelatedBlonde.com)

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