The girls going biking… ok, not really.

Ok, so I went to a friend’s farewell party. She is going to serve a mission! It was nice to see her because I haven’t for a while. I am going to miss her but I wish her luck! I have a few up close pictures of the makeup I did tonight. I used a navy liner instead of my typical black. (or maroon.) I have been playing with colors a lot lately.

And my outfit post here. Sorry the pic is blurry. When Andrew saw it he said, CUTE! I love it when he does that!!! I kinda have a girly biker look going on… And yes, these are my favorite pants…hence the reason I am constantly wearing them. They are one of the few that I don’t have to wear a belt with. (although If I wear them twice in a row I do!!!) And yeah, I have highlights in this picture. Sorry I didn’t get the best picture of them. I curled my hair and finger brushed it out.

2 responses

  1. You look great Annie! I love this biker jacket! very flattering on you! I can actually see the highlights! They look great! And you makeup looks stunning as always!

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