THIS is the shirt I have been wanting to wear for quite some time. It is the one that had the button ripped off. I wore it with my ruffled belt I’m wearing in the previous post. Last night I fixed all of my broken clothing items! It was two skirts, (including this one I’m wearing), a few tank tops and a few shirts.
I convinced my lovely man to take a picture with me. I wore my high black boots with this.
Isn’t he handsome? He’s been really tired lately, so know as I write, he is taking a nap next to me. I love being married.

8 responses

  1. You two look so cute together! Love it! Also I wanted to thank you for your sweet comment!! It made me smile from ear to ear!! Thank you Annie for always being so kind!!

  2. First of all I love, love, LOVE that shirt! So cute!! And I haven't looked on your style blog is so long and just spent a long time catching up! I love your post! And my favorite make-up job you did was on Annie and then also seeing the transformation of you, SO AWESOME!! Seriously, I need some tips! And I love all of your recent clothes post too! You are so cute and I love your fun and original style!

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