Same retro dress, different way.

So, I really like this dress! I ended up wearing it again lol but somewhere else this time! Here’s a pic. I liked this look much more!
I used minerals on my eyes.

I also realized I am getting really wrinkly!!! AHHH! I should have been more careful while I was a teenager, and actually use lotion on my face to prevent this! Man, getting old sucks in some ways. I still just don’t believe that I’m 21. (Yeah I know a lot of you don’t think that’s old,) But I still remember being 16 like it was yesterday. Now I have an adult body, a mother’s body at that, and I still feel like I dress like I’m a 18, but I’m much older than that. How is a 21 year old mom supposes to dress??? I think I’ll never know.

4 responses

  1. I like this dress!! The long sleeve shirt looks great under it. Your eyes look really good too!! :) Is that your new table? I'm 36, almost 37 & I still feel like I'm in my 20's. Age is just a number – right?? LOL ;) I think you have to dress in what makes you feel good, that's what I do. You are fabulous!! :)

  2. I really like the long sleeves with the dress. I really like your table. And I absolutely ADORE your eye makeup! It is so beautiful! I wondered that when I turned 21, which is kind of funny. I felt that I needed to stop dressing like a teenager and look more like a mom, but not frumpy lol! I think that you dress just right. Wearing a little more makeup (because I rarely wore it), high heels (with almost all my outfits, boots in the winter tho), and shopping for non-tshirt, dressy-ish but still comfy shirts worked for me. I stuck with jeans tho. I love jeans!

  3. I absolutely love this vintage looking dress!! You look stunning! If I had it I would probably wear it again and again! Also, that eye makeup is beautiful! And where are these so called wrinkles??! I don't see them! And you feel old and you're 21, I'm going to be 24 in April! Yikes!! lolOh, and thank you for the advice about checking out the hair tutorials! I definitely will!

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