Smokey Eyes by request.

Smokey Eye look Instructions as requested.
Black Smokey eyes can be hard to do on blond haired girls. This is what I did to get a good smokey eye without being overwhelming.
1. So you need three colors (Dark, Medium, and Light). I used black, gray and lavender.
2. Line your water line, and above your top lid with black eye liner.
3. Go over the entire lid with your medium color,(gray) and slightly into the crease.
4. Then in both corners of they eyes, inner and outer, use the black with a contouring brush. Imagine they eye split up into thirds. Don’t do the middle section, but the other two. Also blend it a little into the crease, giving definition.
5. Take your light color, (lavender, pink, light blue or gray) and draw a vertical line with a C brush. Blend towards the black.
6. I used a fine line brush to do it under the eye too. I used lavender, and a tiny bit of black on the outer corners, and a lavender under the eyes to soften it.
7. Put lots of mascara on the top lashes, but very little on the bottom.
8. I put a lot of color on her cheeks and lips so that it looked balanced. I also think it’s important that if you are blond with smokey eyes you add color to your eye brows. You need to show that you’ve got ’em.
9. Enjoy! Sorry I know this probably would have been easier if I did a video..but you get what you get and you don’t wine a fit.

And side note I also used a princess pink on top of the lavender for the color I wanted. You can use shimmery colors or matte. For a metallic look,use shiny, but if you have wrinkles and don’t want them to show, use matte.

10. And if you want to know what brushes I’m talking about,  The first one in this line up is a fine line brush, the third is a contouring brush and the sixth is a C brush.

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