Simply White.

Sorry for the lack of outfit posts lately. My baby and I have been sick and I feel like my fashion has been extra dull lately, But I promise I will have something fun tomorrow! haha hopefully. For Valentine’s Day Andrew bought me this colorbox from Sephora! He ordered it, so I’m still waiting for it to arrive. It had good reviews. The main complaint was that the color was too sparkly, but since most colors I own are matte, I am excited for sparkles for a change!

And I decided to do a color post. Today’s color post is WHITE. 
 Advice I found online that I liked, when wearing a white dress stay away from white shoes. Wear something that is camel brown, gold, silver, or bronze. 
I love this dress, but is probably too formal for anything I would wear it to. And I wouldn’t wear it to a wedding because that is considered bad etiquette.
I love how she accessorized this dress with such a bold necklace. It is a cotton dress that I think is very promising, wearable, and I bet would be easy to accessorize.
 I own one pure white dress which I love! I wear a short black jacket over it, and leave it partially unbuttoned. I also tend to wear black pointed heels with it. I have worn my pearls with it too, but maybe I will take googles advice and change it up a bit. Bold necklace perhaps? Bold Bright color to go with it? (not sure I’d pull that off so well.) I would think a belt may be a good thing to add, especially if you had cowboy boots. I am also thinking dark smokey eyes would be a plus.
Here’s a bag I thought was cute. I like things that are black and white. Retro.
And I found this really cute necklace on Etsy that was crocheted! But I can’t find it anymore! Sad day. But this one was cute too. 
And lastly, I was also checking out another blog, and I saw this picture and fell deeply head over heels in love! Oh how I wish I had a pair of shoes like that which I could wear! Apparently though, these are more just for display, but I would rock them in a heartbeat!

I hope you liked this post! It was a lot of fun to do.

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