Long Hair. Short Hair.

Can I just say this. I’m gonna vent a little. I am so tired of having short hair! I want it to be long and beautiful! A few years ago it was long and beautiful, probably about elbow length. I then cut it off and rocked out a pixie cut! Don’t get me wrong, I loved the cut! I got it black, and I always had dreamed of having that kind of hair cut! I loved it short. I adored it short. But I’m ready for it to get long again. I envy people with long luscious hair. Before I had my baby I had gotten my hair to the tip of my shoulders. Then I went in to get a cut. I had two looks I liked. One was super short though, and I wanted something extreme. She didn’t make the long one seem all that great or fun, so I opted for the short one! Oh how I wish I didn’t. It would mean I wouldn’t have this ridiculous cut in the mid length hair right now. But, now I am growing out my super short hair. And someday it will be long again! But to top it all off, Andrew’s hair grows so ridiculously fast it makes mine seem like it centimeters along when his grows by the foot. So yeah, that is why I don’t wear it down. It will get there though. Just give me 5 years. :P

One response

  1. i totally know how u feel! my hair takes forever to grow too! i am getting antsy with my hair and am wanting to cut it short but i know as soon as i do it will take forever to grow back and i really mean forever! i like how ur hair looks in posts tho!

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