Cleaning and staying home

This is my stay at home outfit! Normally I’d probably just wear sweats and a t-shirt or jeans, but today I wante dsomehting different. Sorry I couldn’t edit the pictures either, because little Myles decided that he wanted to play with the keys on the computer and messed photoshop up somehow. Today I stayed at home wtih Myles, we took a bath, that he loved and I am cleaning up the house, mainly the bedroom. I have this horrible skill of throwing my clothes into piles everywhere! How was your day?

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  1. Ok so I haven't been on for a couple of days and I totally missed out on some amazingly cute outfit posts from you! I just glanced over all of them! You look so great! I love that dress that was from Ross, that was a gift, I think! Also, that stinks about the button on your new shirt! I had that problem one day when I was getting ready for church I had a brand new skirt and the stupid zipper jammed up!! I was all excited to wear it for the first time, and then I couldn't! It was a sad day! But your replacement outfit was very cute!!

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