So, Andrew bought me these beautiful orange flowers because I had a hard day yesterday, all emotional and what not. I do love it when he buys me flowers. It’s been a while since he’s done it too. So, this morning I had on a totally different outfit, super cute with a new shirt I got but as I was putting it on, I ripped a button off somehow as we were headed out to church. So, unfortunately I have to fix that :( I was stoked about the outfit! So, this is what I resorted to. I like it, but was sad it wasn’t what I planned on wearing and blogging about. lol yep I’m weird at heart.
Skirt from Dillards $7 really old! lol, Same shoes I posted about before Charlotte Russe $8, Bib necklace I made, Shirt I traded a girl in college, tank traded my sister from Aero.
Also, I am wanting to enter a makeup contest. Please let me know if there is a look I’ve done that you really like. Here is a close up of the look I wore today, although I always feel like the camera never catches my look they way I want it to.
And for those of you reading, hope this doesn’t offend you, but I know my ladies look a little funny. I might just be exaggerating though. But I recently stopped breastfeeding and they are much smaller now and I don’t have the right size bra. So yeah, you know how they say you got to start out with the basics? I TOTALLY agree with that and believe that you need to wear something that makes you feel cute too, but I promised my man I wouldn’t spend money until a certain date so, they are just going to have to deal.

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