Award for you!

I recently made this awesome award for a few blogs that I really liked. These are ones I dream about at night. Ok, not really that extreme. lol I wanted to share it with you all to celebrate my 100th post day! Some of your blogs I have been following for a while now, and some for a very short time. I like them all for different reasons. You are welcome to pass on the award if you’d like. This award goes to the following blogs…
Tasha from The Hot Spot Always interesting and leaves me the best comments!
Sharon from Life is Good Love the crafts and stories you do!
Chloe from The Seasoned Consumer Makeup is always fun!
Megan from Megan and Claudy Sense of humor rocks!
Chandra from Modern Day Charm Love outfits and never bland!
Elaine from Clothed much Always have new ideas I want to try and modest!
Bekah from Me and my Girls Always fun and honest!
Ashley from Steven and Ashley Lowder Love the long posts the best!!!
Rebeka from The Ambriz Family Because I can your baby!

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