Typical Annie

Shirt: Shopko $8? Blue tank top Ross, I bought while pregnant. Jeans Almost Famous $9 Ross, Boots are actually BearPaw. I think I said something else before. $70? 
First of all, THANK YOU for following my new blog!
So this is a typical outfit for me. I know, not very exciting…But I like it! The shirt is from Shopko, actually, which I never buy stuff there! Someone bought me a gift there, and I did the naughty thing and returned it, and bought something else. Do any of you girls do that?
I don’t normally buy expensive boots, but my last ones where really worn out, and soak up water! So, Andrew wanted to buy me some nice ones, which I got to say, these are excellent!
I stayed home all day and was in my PJ’s because today was just one of those days. But by evening I went out and got my hair done, because my cousin gave me a 50% off coupon! Yeah for discounts!

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